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Rode Groundcovers - Customer Relations

Our long term relationship with international plant brokers and off-shore growers provides us the opportunity to bring our customers groundcovers from around the world. Our strategy focus in today’s competitive marketplace is to provide ground covers at a greater value for our current and potential customers. As box stores command retail ready shipments, landscape contractors and growers expect their deliveries on time, we will go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy.


Rode Groundcovers - Expect To Get The Most Value

We grow our ground covers in trays, small containers with sizes ranging from liners to gallon pots. For consistent quality, most plants are grown in premium grade custom soils. They’re managed by our staff using IPM, fertigation, top dressing and chemigation. All are finished and packed in full trays. We ship via UPS, Our Trucks, and Commercial Carriers. Growing contracts are welcomed.

Growing ground covers in these economical sizes makes them more affordable for our diverse customer base. In recognizing our landscapers, we also produce 1 gallon pots to meet their demands. Our most popular ground cover is 4 inch pint, Asian Jasmine grown in 18 and 10 count trays. Landscapers can easily handle and install large areas using our ground cover by the tray.


Rode Groundcovers - History & Locations

Rode Groundcovers found its niche on 8 acres and was established in 1987 as a wholesale nursery focused on growing drought resistant ground covers. Varieties are also selected for growth rate and low maintenance. Owned by Ron Love, we’re based in North Florida between Williston and Interstate 75 near Gainesville and Ocala. Since he was a teenager in FFA, Ron has shared his mother’s, the late Louise Love, enthusiasm for old fashioned and new varieties of plants. Ron, along with his family Delia, Harry and Sarah are also involved with the family business. Ron's older sons, Chris and Brian, are both successful in owning their own businesses.

Relocating from nearby Micanopy in 1991, our nursery eventually expands into 36 acres. Currently we operate over 100,000 square feet of greenhouses and 10 acres of finished production beds. You’ll find our nursery nestled among the high pines and live oaks surrounded by nature’s diversity of birds, ponds and native vegetation.


Rode Groundcovers - Our Mission

Along with family and dedicated people employed year-round, our mission is to make sure each plant is grown to specification in an environmentally responsible manner, and acclimated prior to sale. The end result is a tough plant. Additionally, our mission is to adhere to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and ethical behavior towards personnel, customers, suppliers and the community.


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