Emerald Goddess™

ROde Groundcovers - Emerald Goddess™

Liriope muscari: “Emerald Goddess” Plant Patent No. 15,471 is a robust sport ofLiriope muscari “Evergreen giant” isolated from commercial production at our nursery in Williston, Florida in 1997. The plant is now into the 18th generation, by asexual propagation through division, without any reversion.


Grown in 1 gallon containers


The Emerald Goddess:

  • Blooms much more prolifically than other Liriope muscaris
  • Produces blooms that are stable for an 8-12 week blooming period (mid-June through early September)
  • Grows to an average height at maturity of 20” and grows well in full sun or full shade
  • Has a multiplication rate of approximately 2 1/2 times faster, from a single division, than “Evergreen giant”
  • Appears to be much more resistant to “crown rot,” an apical bud rot caused primarily by fungus phytophthora palmivora. Two years of extensive testing have resulted in zero infections.
  • Grows in hardiness zone 8b-11 (hardiness zone ranges are intended as approximate guides and should not be considered exact.)


Rode Groundcovers - Emerald Goddess™